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End Bullying NowThere has been a lot of attention paid recently to bullying — as there SHOULD be!

Anybody who knows me is aware that bullying is something I simply have no tolerance for.  It is freaking relentless. Recently in my neighborhood I had the displeasure of observing a middle-school-aged girl being trailed by two boys who were “oinking” and shouting cruelties at her. This girl graciously continued walking, never turning back to defend herself, or stooping to their level of exchanging cruel words.

To my husband’s embarrassment, I stormed out of our house to approach these boys and give them a firm lecture. (Hopefully I wasn’t being a hypocritical bully myself!) While I wasn’t cruel to these boys, I was very firm in letting them know that their behavior was the furthest thing from being “cool.” I let them know that while the bullies I grew up with may have been perceived as somewhat “popular” at the time, there isn’t a single one of them that I am aware of that became successful adults  — or moved out of their parents’ home for that matter. I let these boys know that what they were doing to this girl not only had a negative impact on her  — possibly for the rest of her life  — but that they were also hurting themselves by risking their chance at having a successful future.  Granted, I know my statements were blunt and were not facts that I can cite, but I do believe I got through to them hard and clear. They didn’t argue back, and they ultimately apologized to me.  I told them I am not the one that deserves the apology, but rather the girl they were yelling at  — along with anyone else who they may have treated similarly  — and simply requested that they learn from this, and not only stop bullying, but learn to stand up to it.

No one should have to put up with bullying — this is crap that we need to put an end to now! has created their first infographic that shows the alarming statistics about bullying, and what you need to know about preventing it and how to take action. Infographic

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When Will it End? (Part 2)

When Bullying Hits Close to Home….Twice in One Week.


The mere fact that I am writing about bullying twice in one week is simply disgusting. When I wrote When Will it End on Monday I would have been dismayed to learn that I would be posting a Part 2….two days later!Our neighbors in the Rensselaer community were rocked yesterday when news emerged that an 11-year old student had taken his own life

Never in a million years would I want to go back to the life of a teenager, the angst and awkwardness that we have ALL have gone through is enough to make me shudder and wince at the thought. The mere thought of combining that stage of awkwardness with a relentless bully is enough to make anyone want to hide.

Sadly some victims of bullying are tired of hiding in the depths of darkness and despair, which can lead to tragic results such as suicide – or Bullycide. The fact that this is such a phenomenon to create a new term is appalling. What will it take for us to get this term removed from our vocabulary?

I beg you, Take a Stand. Stop Bullying Now!

When Will it End?

When Bullying Hits Too Close to Home

imageBullying is something that I simply have no tolerance for. It’s relentless.

My heart aches me I learn of another tragic tale of bulling and wish there was some way to just instill knowledge into the victims to know that there IS hope, and even more so to give these intolerable bullies insight into their futures…which more often than not is filled with anything BUT success. I’ve come to learn that often the popularity of bullies is short-lived, ordinarily tethered to the halls of Middle School and High School as that is the only environment that could house such ignorant behavior, there really isn’t a place for bullies in adulthood…at least not if you plan to have a job that earns more than minimum wage.

Sadly, the most recent tragedy occurred in our own community when a 14 year old 8th grader took his own life as the depths of despair seemed to be too much to handle.

In our society, bullying is the most common form of violence. About 30 percent of teenagers in the U.S. have been involved in bullying, either as a bully themselves, or as the victim of teenage bullying.

Each month, 282,000 students report being attacked in high schools throughout the nation.  As a result an estimated 160,000 children miss school every day because they fear attack or intimidation by bullies.1

Bullying and depression are often related.  This connection can be long-lasting as people who are bullied as children are also more likely to suffer from depression in adulthood. Sometimes the darkness of depression may cause some victims to even take extreme measures, which can lead to tragic results such as suicide – or BullycideJust the simple fact that a new term has been created to define this tragedy is disturbing in and of itself.

A victim of bullying is twice as likely to thake their own life compared to someone who wasn’t.2 Over 19,000 kids attempt suicide because of bullying each year3

I beg you, Take a Stand. Stop Bullying Now!
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