The real reason why we get an extra day every four years:

2012 is a Leap Year – meaning that we have one extra day in February to do whatever the heck we want!  But did you ever wonder why we have Leap Day, or better yet why the day falls in February?

This infographic from covers some of the weird and wacky things that have occurred on Leap Day, along with the advantages and obstacles that are faced by those who are born on Leap Day. Continue reading

Information overload…

I’ve always heard the term “Information Overload” but never really understood the meaning until lately.  I have finally come to accept the fact that I am in fact a Media Addict.

Seattle Times has an excellent explanation for this phenomenon:

The stimulation provokes excitement…that researches say can be addictive.  In its absence, people feel bored.

Yup – I would say that pretty much sums it up!