Why have Renters Insurance?

What many renters don’t realize is that a mere $20 a month can get them a comprehensive renters insurance policy. Most Americans spend more than that on their morning coffee!

Seems like a small price to pay to cover everything from your personal belongings, to personal liability. Not to mention having coverage for additional living expenses should you have to move out -say, because of a fire, which is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon when a fire destroyed several Copper Beech Townhomes in West Lafayette.

Just because YOU might feel as if you live a relatively safe and risk averse lifestyle, what about your neighbors habits and lifestyle?

I recall one ripe evening from my Boilermaker days when I returned to my apartment to find a significant amount of water on the first level of the building that flowed down from the third floor (Mind you, I lived on the 2nd floor).

Apparently what had happened was the slow-witted individual who lived above me felt that it would be a brilliant idea to get drunk & high and just start ripping lines in his toilet. I guess the novelty of playing plumber wasn’t nearly as thrilling as he thought it would be because once the water started spewing he simply went back to his couch to lay down and dream of Puff, the magic dragon.

While I was a good tenant, obviously the bonehead living above me had other intentions.

Enter: Renters Insurance

Sadly only 43 percent of renters are playing it smart by having renters insurance, while the 57 percent who don’t have it are playing with fire…literally.

You need renters insurance because it’s well worth it to punk down that small monthly payment to cover yourself should the worst happen. Nobody plans on having a pipe burst, or have their apartment building burn down, but sometimes stuff just happens…

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