Going to Extremes: Eating Disorders

The scale doesn't measure your inner beauty, only your relation to gravity.

Many people don’t realize the heavy toll having an eating disorder takes — both emotionally and financially. While it is possible to get quantitative results on the financial impact, many will never understand the emotional consequences that will last a lifetime. What most people don’t understand that it is NOT something that you can “just stop doing” whenever you want, nor do they realize it is as simple as eating rationally. It is a disorder, it’s not cry for attention, but rather a chemical imbalance that calls for action.


I’m a survivor of this disorder. I was once a slave to my body — oddly my obsessive compulsive desire to control something in my life is what caused me to discover I’m OCD. I don’t compulsively wash my hands, lock & unlock doors, or count obsessively – but I found out that you can divert this energy into other channels — hence obsessively, compulsively controlling my body like a damn Nazi.

That’s why I’m joining the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week crusade in an effort to end the war against our own bodies. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disease in America. This infographic outlines the alarming extremes Americans go to in an effort to be thin: Continue reading