About ME

My given name is Melissa Richardson, however I have self-diagnosed myself as a bona fide insurance & safety nerd, which led me to self-proclaim myself as the Mistress of Disaster…if you knew me on a personal level you would know just how fitting that term is.  Want proof of just how much of a passionate geek I am?  Get the inside scoop HERE. I have a pin on my desk that proclaims: “I ♥ Insurance“, I cannot even begin to tell you how disgustingly true this statement is.  I live and breathe a world that I never once dreamed of living….and I LOVE IT!

I am a Certified Insurance Counselor – in other words my self-proclaimed bona fide insurance nerd status has officially been certified. I’m a Personal Risk Manager,  helping educate individuals on their everyday risks and how they can overcome them with cost-effective solutions. So I guess you could also call me a problem solver.You will come to find out that it’s not that I find insurance sexy (OK, maybe do…but I am a unique breed in and of itself), instead you will discover my passion for helping people sort through the madness & gibberish that is insurance.  I have been blessed to be introduced into the insurance world through the power of being an Independent Agent, a world where my client’s needs come first – the company’s needs come second.

I majored in Financial Planning & Counseling at Purdue University – I had no idea where exactly this would lead me however I ALWAYS knew that my #1 aspiration in life with developing a career would have to revolve around integrity and having full faith in what in the product/service would truly benefit others, not just  myself or the company I worked for. Did I ever envision my future to be in insurance?  Frankly….No, NEVER.  But life has a mysterious way of granting you with your true purpose in life, and after working with the amazing clients that I have over the last 10 years I simply cannot imagine where or who I would be today.

Not to mention that while also playing a major role in bettering the Greater Lafayette community.

Aside from these geeky details, I feel it is also imperative for you to know:

  • I am a workaholic who LOVES a great laugh.
  • Sarcasm is my native language, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need me to translate anything I post to English. (I take my sarcasm seriously)
  • I am an only child, which I only feel is important to share as it may explain A LOT at an unknown point in time.
  • I am happily married with two dogs: An overweight Puggle named Cheech, and an obnoxious, yet unbelievably sweet Boxer named Diesel.

The Diesel Monster

My little Cheecher

~Just living the dream!~

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