A coverage checklist for home insurance

As a homeowner, it is imperative that you understand what is covered, or more imporantly — what’s NOT covered.

Not all policies are created equal

There are many different options with home insurance, so it is important to first know what is included in a standard home insurance policy. Simply because you have a policy does not mean you have obtained proper protection, and sadly most people only come to realize this when it is most important — when you need to file a claim.

For example: One common exclusion in standard home insurance policies is damage caused by water back-up of sewers and drains. However most insurers provide the option to add the coverage back for a nominal cost. I include this coverage on every single proposal I deliver. If the client opts to decline and sign off on this coverage it is because they have made the decision to remove the coverage — not because I made the decision for them in an effort to be the cheapest.

I never want to find myself on the phone with an angry client standing in two inches of their own crap, wondering why in the hell I wouldn’t have told them about this inexpensive coverage in the first place. That would be, well…crappy.

Do you’re homework and find out how well you are (or aren’t) protected:

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