Don’t be a Zombie Behind the Wheel

What’s the difference between a Distracted Driver and a Zombie?

Considering the fact that a distracted driver’s brain temporarily lacks cognitive attention skills, there really isn’t any difference when on the road. (On land however it’s a different story, so make sure your Zombie Insurance is up to date) Distracted driving, such as texting, phone calls and eating, can reduce brain function by as much as a third. This lack of brain function can effectively turn you into a Zombie behind the wheel, which is unsafe for you and your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.

Do your part to help make the roads safer for everyone:
  • Put down the phone-When you’re at the wheel, pick it up only when the car is parked. The same goes for using other personal electronics. That sets a good example.
  • Don’t enable-If you know someone is driving, don’t call or text.
  • Go hands-free-Take advantage of voice-controlled products and systems that help you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
  • Report it-If you see a distracted driver operating a car in a dangerous way, pull over to a safe location and alert the police by calling 911.

2 comments on “Don’t be a Zombie Behind the Wheel

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