When Will it End? (Part 2)

When Bullying Hits Close to Home….Twice in One Week.


The mere fact that I am writing about bullying twice in one week is simply disgusting. When I wrote When Will it End on Monday I would have been dismayed to learn that I would be posting a Part 2….two days later!Our neighbors in the Rensselaer community were rocked yesterday when news emerged that an 11-year old student had taken his own life

Never in a million years would I want to go back to the life of a teenager, the angst and awkwardness that we have ALL have gone through is enough to make me shudder and wince at the thought. The mere thought of combining that stage of awkwardness with a relentless bully is enough to make anyone want to hide.

Sadly some victims of bullying are tired of hiding in the depths of darkness and despair, which can lead to tragic results such as suicide – or Bullycide. The fact that this is such a phenomenon to create a new term is appalling. What will it take for us to get this term removed from our vocabulary?

I beg you, Take a Stand. Stop Bullying Now!

7 comments on “When Will it End? (Part 2)

  1. Thank you Melissa. It is sickening…literally making me nausious…to hear about this and also see the same exposures at my OWN children’s school.

  2. It must stop. Parents, teachers AND children must open their eyes and not look the other way. Life is hard enough without this…help our children find their way & don’t ignore this terrible epidemic.

  3. Thank you Amanda for your insight into buinlylg. Most of us have experienced buinlylg at school to some degree so I wish your website had been around when I was going to school. I have four boys and each one has also experienced it. Your expertise and knowledge about the subject is enormous so I thank you for helping me to help my boys. Keep the great work going. You are helping thousands of people on this subject

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