Calendar Visualization of Fatal Car Crashes

There are statistics for everything – but having a clear visualization of what it all means really takes the point home.

I am a big fan of Infographics, so you can imagine my geeky excitement when I find one that is related to the exhilarating topic of insurance.

This is an excellent example of data visualization, provided by Nathan Yau at  Nathan has taken the traditional statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and gave them a new look.

After seeing this map on The Guardian, I was curious about what other data was available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. It turns out there’s a lot and it’s relatively easy to access via FTP. What’s most surprising is that it’s detailed and fairly complete, with columns for weather, number of people involved, date and time of accidents, and a lot more.

The above shows vehicles involved in fatal crashes in 2010 (which is different from number of crashes or number of fatalities). This data was just released last month, at the end of 2011 oddly enough. It’s a calendar view with months stacked on top of one another and darker days indicate more vehicles involved.

– Nathan Yau

Thanks for taking the time to make these statistics look sexy Nathan!

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